Test Mission/Vision/Values

Our Executive Advisors

Data Sciences
Augmented with
Clinical Expertise

We’re more than just data heads with cool ideas. We’re collaborative thinkers that analyze every facet of the medical and socioeconomic communities to further population health. Our passion to serve is what drives each of us to create practical, forward-thinking solutions.


Reimagine and expand the knowledge base of healthcare through prescriptive analytics and artificial intelligence to deliver precision medicine.


Creating a world of connected communities where every health outcome is positive.


Progress – We value progress over perfection. Our work is both innovative and practical.

Collaboration – We collaborate with our team, our partners and the community enabling us to go further, faster. There is power in diversity and numbers.

Caring – We have a servant approach and mind frame. Caring about each other, our partners and those we serve in the community is what motivates us every single day.

Initiative – We go beyond what is asked of us. Expectations are starting points.

Science – We balance Innovation with science. Our work is grounded in scientific principles and rigor.

Vision –  “We can do it if…” vs “We can’t do it because…”. We see healthcare, not as it is, but as it can become.